Flow of Flex Analysis

See the following figure to understand how to perform a flex analysis.

You can define multiple rules to analyze multiple metrics at the same time.

  • The flex analytics feature works the same for app data and event data. Only the data sources are different; The target values are aggregated and visualized in the same way.

  • Kii Cloud will clear event data sent from the mobile app after it takes a snapshot. Thus, the same field values will not be counted again in the next extraction.

  • Kii Cloud takes a data snapshot and starts aggregation. A snapshot is taken every 24 hours. The aggregation will take a half day at the maximum, so you will have to wait about 1.5 day until the analysis results are shown in the developer portal. Note that the results shown in the developer portal will not include the latest data updates (because the aggregation is made with a snapshot, not with raw data).

  • You can also retrieve the analysis results as raw data (i.e. the values used for plotting graphs in the developer portal) with the SDK. You can, for example, create an application or admin tool that utilizes these raw results.