Analyzing Results in the Developer Portal

Follow the steps below to view metrics in the developer portal.

Note: It may take up to 36 hours for analytics data to populate within the console

  1. In the developer portal, click on the "Analytics" icon and select the target rule.

  2. The default view (i.e. no dimension applied) will show up.

    You can change the data view range (e.g. 1 day, 1 week or 1 month).

  3. The dimensions are shown at the top of the graph. Clicking on any of the dimensions will show you a sliced view. For instance, here is a snapshot of the sliced view when selecting the "UserLevel" dimension.

    You can toggle on/off each item on the graph.

  4. You can further drill down the result by setting an additional filter. In the next example, we are setting a filter with the dimension "AppVersion" with the value "7".