Adding the Kii Plugin to Monaca

You can use the JavaScript SDK on top of Monaca, a platform for developiong HTML5 hybrid applications.

There is a Kii plugin for Monaca for you to integrate, so please use the plugin. Although you could download the JavaScript SDK's .js file and manually integrate it on Monaca, some features (e.g., push notification) will not work.

Integrating the Kii Plugin

You can add the Kii plugin in your Monaca development environment by following the steps below in the Monaca Cloud.

  1. Select Config - Manage Cordova Plugins and open the Manage Cordova Plugin screen.
  2. Select Service integration. You will find the Kii Cloud plugin in the list. If you cannot find it, try selecting the Backend in the category.
  3. Click the See Details button to pop up the dialog. By click the Install button shown in the upper left, the plugin is integrated into your project.

You can also integrate the plugin in development environments other than Monaca. Please consult Monaca technical documents on the web for the details.

Using the Plugin

Please check the README of the Monaca plugin source code to learn how you initialize the Kii plugin.

Consideration for using FCM

You can use the FCM-based push notification with the Kii Plugin. Note that you configure the values for FCM in the GCM section of the developer portal.

See Android (FCM) Push Notification Tutorial to set up your application in the Firebase console and the Kii Cloud developer portal. Then specify the FCM sender ID as the GCM sender_ID (Project ID) in the program to which you integrate the Kii plugin. Check the sender ID in the "CLOUD MESSAGING" tab in the Firebase console.