Publishing Your Application

After you develop your application in Unity, you need to publish it for the target platform. This section explains how to configure your building environment for publishing your application.

To learn the procedures for publishing your application, see the documentation by Unity.


You just need to configure the Player Settings (enabling the internet access) as explained in Adding the Kii Cloud SDK. No further configuration is needed.

To build for Android, choose "File" > "Build & Run".


You need to generate an Xcode project in Unity and build it in Xcode.

First, choose "File" > "Build & Run" to generate an Xcode project. Next, open the project in Xcode, configure additional settings, and build the mobile app.

Once you make the Xcode configuration, the setting will be basically preserved. In rare cases, however, the setting disappears. If you get into trouble or when you are going to build an official release, please double-check the Xcode setting.

Review the settings of the build identifier and code signing for the project in Xcode.

  • Bundle identifier

    If the identifier is incorrect, open Unity, choose "Edit" > "Project Settings" > "Player", and check the "Player Settings".

  • Code signing

    Confirm that the project settings are configured as below so that the code is automatically signed:

    • "Automatically manage signing" is enabled.
    • Your team is displayed in the "Team" field.

    If you cannot choose your team in the "Team" field, choose "Xcode" > "Preferences" > "Accounts". Confirm that the account registered as a member of the Apple Developer Program is displayed.

You can also sign your code manually. See Manual Code Signing if you want to do so.

If you use push notification, open Xcode, choose "Product" > "Destination", select a real device, and then build and run your mobile app.

Web Player

No additional configuration is needed.

Choose "File" > "Build & Run" to build your app for Web Player.