Application Analytics

The application analytics feature will let you aggregate and analyze various data generated by your mobile app. By leveraging the analysis results, for example, you will be able to plan which features you need to introduce and which feature you need to improve in the next release.

Kii Cloud provides two methods for analyzing your app:

  • Analysis using the developer portal

    • Basic Analytics

      You can analyze the usage of your app by checking the transition of the number of users, KiiObjects, and things with graphs.

    • Flex Analytics

      You can analyze a various aspect of your app by checking the transition of arbitrary app data with graphs. You can select either app data (i.e., KiiObject values) and event data (i.e., analysis-specific data) as the analysis target.

  • Integration with an External Analytics Foundation

    This is a custom feature for performing more complex analysis with an external analytics foundations like Amazon Redshift.

The application analytics is a feature for developers and application administrator who can log in to the developer portal. If you want to show analysis result graphs to end users, you need to implement the feature in your mobile app or as a Web application. For some hints, see Data Management and Managing State History for IoT.