Samples and Tutorials

Sample Apps

  • Hello Kii

    An application for you to learn Kii Cloud for the first time. We will explain various Kii Cloud basics, like how to store data per user in Kii Cloud and how to retrieve them, with the running sample application.

  • Kii Balance

    A set of sample code that you can use for reference before developing a practical mobile app with Kii Cloud. You can build a simple housekeeping app that allows you to record your daily income and expenses and save them on Kii Cloud.

  • KiiUnitySDKSamples

    A generic Unity demo that systematically shows all Kii Cloud API calls via the Unity SDK. It's not attached to a game, but it's a Unity project that runs without modification, exposing a Unity-based GUI for interaction.

  • UnityAngryBotsKii

    Based on the official Unity 3D 4.3 AngryBots demo game, this project makes use of Kii Cloud via the Unity SDK. The demo is under development, but it already showcases several Kii features.

  • Hello Thing-IF

    A sample set of applications which use Thing Interaction Framework to implement an IoT solution. It demonstrates the basic concepts of how to remotely operate a thing from a mobile app and how to get the state of a thing.


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