Function Guide

The Function Guide explains Kii Cloud functions and mechanism.

The guide explains the functions basically without program code.

The content of the guide is as follows:

  • Kii Cloud Structure

    This section explains the detailed specifications of the SDKs and applications which are part of Kii Cloud. This section applies to both mobile apps and IoT solutions.

  • Kii Cloud SDK

    This section explains the Kii Cloud functions used to develop mobile apps. Read this section to outline the various functions including user management, data management, and push notification. You can also find the detailed functional specification in this section.

    The target reader is those who are considering about using the Kii Cloud. If you are a developer, we recommend you to start from Kii Cloud SDK Programming Guides.

  • Thing-IF SDK

    This section explains the Kii Cloud functions of the Thing-IF SDK used to develop IoT solutions. The section also explains how to tune the functions with the Kii Cloud SDK in the IoT environment.

For the better implementation, we recommend you to understand the functional specification first and then check the program codes in the Programming Guides.