Class KiiEncryptedBucket

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    KiiBaseBucket, KiiSubscribable

    public class KiiEncryptedBucket
    extends KiiBucket
    Class represents encrypted bucket.
    Contents inside this bucket is stored as encrypted data.
    Automatically decrypted when you refer contents so you don't have to decrypt data.
    Encryption rule of KiiObject Key-value pairs:
    • All keys are encrypted.
    • Only string values are encrypted. Numbers, Boolean, Objects, Arrays won't be encrypted.
    Object body inside this bucket won't be encrypted.

    Following limitations are applied to encrypted bucket:
    • Query clauses using STRING properties will be restricted in the following way:
      • Only In clause and Equals clause and its combination (AND, OR, NOT) can be used.
      • Sorting with string String properties can not be used.
      (Query clauses using other data types works same as non encrypted bucket.)
    • Key-value pair whose key is greater than 334KB won't be indexed.
    • String key-value pair whose value is greater than 334KB won't be indexed.
    • If the key-value pair is not indexed, query for the key-value pair doesn't works. (Behaves as if there's no matching data with no error.)