Interface KiiUploadRTransferManager<T1 extends KiiUploadRTransferManagerCallback<T2,​T1>,​T2 extends KiiUploadRTransferManager<T1,​T2>>

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      • listUploadEntries

        java.util.List<KiiUploader> listUploadEntries​(@NonNull
                                                      android.content.Context context)
                                               throws StateStoreAccessException
        Lists existing upload entries. Entry Life cycle: The entry will be created on calling KiiUploader.transfer(KiiRTransferProgressCallback) and deleted on completion/termination of upload. For details please refer to KiiUploader
        NOTE: This api access to internal file storage stores status of upload . Should not be executed in UI/Main thread.
        context - application context.
        List of KiiUploader instance.
        StateStoreAccessException - Thrown when failed to access the persistent storage stores transfer status. (ex. Disk full, etc.)
        You can retry safely.