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Class KiiThingQueryResult


  • KiiThingQueryResult



  • Get the KiiThingQuery to get next page of the result.

    Returns null | KiiThingQuery

    KiiThingQuery to get next page of the query. null when this result is the last part of the query.

  • Fetch the query result of next page.

    The query will be executed against the server, returning a result set. When the state that #hasNext() is false, method execution is failed and Promise returned by the method is rejected and failure callback is called if the callback is given.

    Returns Promise<KiiThingQueryResult>

    return promise object.

    • fulfill callback function: function(result). result is KiiThingQueryResult instance.
    • reject callback function: function(error). error is an Error instance.
      • error.target is the KiiThing instance.
      • error.message

  • hasNext(): boolean
  • When there are many result of query or data in result is large, Query result would be divided into several pages.

    Returns boolean

    true if there are pending result of the Query to be retrieved.

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