ACL Verb

Location /api/apps/{appID}/acl/{ACLVerb}
This resource represents a verb (permission) that is granted or to be revoked from a subject. Please read ACL to learn more about the ACL, its verb and subject.

Request Headers (Applies to all methods)

Required: Yes




Retrieve the ACL entries for the current verb.


The administrator can always perform this action.
For other users, actors who can perform this action depends on the target resource:

  • User scope: the user.
  • Group scope: the group owner.
  • Thing scope: the thing or a thing owner.
  • Bucket: the scope owner.
  • Object: the scope owner and the object owner.
  • Topic: the scope owner and the topic creator.

Name Required? type Description
Authorization Yes string Authorization header. OAuth2 Bearer token
URL Params
Name Required? type Description
ACLVerb Yes string The verb

Content-Type application/vnd.kii.ACLVerbRetrievalResponse+json

The ACL entries have been successfully retrieved. The response is a JSON array of subjects who have the verb granted on the target resource.
Name Type Description
subject ACLSubject
An array of subjects to whom this action is permitted. Each subject is represented by a JSON object with the format `{ "userID": "{PERMITTED USER ID}" }` for the user permission or `{ "groupID": "{PERMITTED GROUP ID}" }` for the group permission.

Content-Type application/vnd.kii.UnauthorizedAccessException+json

Not authorized to read the ACL of the target resource.
Name Type Description
errorCode string Error code "UNAUTHORIZED".
message string The error message.
authenticatedAppID string The authenticated appID.
authenticatedPrincipalID string The authenticated principal ID (userID or thingID).