FAQ - Push Notification

Can I use the push notification without user login?

The user login is required for sending the push notifications. If you do not want to force your application users to log in, consider using the pseudo user feature.

For more information about the pseudo user feature, see the following topics.

Android   iOS   JavaScript   REST

Can I broadcast push notifications to all app users?

Yes, you can implement this feature by leveraging the Push to User notification with an application scope topic.

First, create an application scope topic. Then, implement your app so that it will subscribe to this topic when the app is launched for the first time. All push notifications sent to this topic will be broadcast to all app users.

See "Push to User Notification" (Android, iOS, JavaScript, REST) to learn more about the Push to User notification.

Can I send push notifications to Kindle?

No, we do not support Kindle push notifications. We only support FCM, APNs and MQTT.

Can I send push notifications according to a schedule?

Yes, you can implement this feature with the server extension. Prepare server code that sends push notifications, and deploy the code with a server hook configuration file that defines a schedule-based hook.

See Schedule-based hook to learn more about a schedule-based hook.