FAQ - User / Group

Can I backup (export) users?

We do not provide any backup/export feature at the application level. Please use the RESET API to manually extract users.

We do take system-level backups regularly for disaster recovery.

I've started the email verification process but never received the verification email

Please check if your email client is not marking the verification email as spam. If the verification email is marked as spam, please consider customizing the email content on the developer portal so as to avoid the misdetection.

I want to get a list of users

You need to manage the list by yourself. You can, for example, use an application scope bucket to store all users.

See here for more details.

Can I bulk-update and bulk-delete users by specifying conditions?

No, we do not support user bulk-update and bulk-delete.

Is there any limit to the number of users in a group?

There is no limit to the number, but we recommend keeping the group members below several thousand from the performance point of view.

Is there a way to know why the user login failed?

Kii Cloud does not provide the information for distinguishing the following three cases. Kii Cloud intentionally gives you the same error for these three cases so as to ensure the security.

  • The specified user does not exist.
  • The specified password is not valid.
  • The specified user is disabled.

Kii Cloud will give the dedicated error if the specified username or password contains invalid characters.

I got the "validation error: login name required" when I enabled the email/phone verification

When using the verification feature, you need to ask your users to provide another identifier that does not require the verification upon sign-up. For more information, see the following topics.

Android   iOS   JavaScript   REST

After enabling the email/phone verification, my user cannot login with their email/phone

The email/phone must be verified before the user logs in with them.

How can I implement one-time login?

Use the access token to implement the feature. For more information, see the following topics.

Android   iOS   JavaScript   REST

Is is possible to store data without forcing end users to login?

You can use the pseudo user feature.

For more information about the pseudo user feature, see the following topics.

Android   iOS   JavaScript   REST