Integration with an External Analytics Foundation

Kii provides a feature to integrate with an analytics foundation such as Amazon Redshift for more full-scale analytics.

You can export object updates in Kii Cloud in near real-time through Apache Kafka so that exported data from Kii Cloud can be processed in various ways on an external analytics foundation.

See the below figure for a configuration example of integration with an external foundation.

Set up an analytics foundation external to Kii Cloud and export existing KiiObjects in Kii Cloud to the analytics foundation. You can send differential data created from changes in KiiObjects to the analytics foundation as follows.

  1. Kii Cloud has a Kafka cluster and producer. If your application setting is changed, Kafka will collect differential data created by adding, updating, and deleting KiiObjects with mobile apps and so on for all KiiObjects in all scopes.

  2. Outside of Kii Cloud, develop bridge software to register data to the analytics foundation. This bridge software retrieves the differential data as Kafka records by using the Kafka consumer library. Then, the bridge software filters the data to register only data necessary for analytics to the analytics foundation.

Thie flow allows synchronization of data on the analytics foundation and Kii Cloud in near real-time and you can analyze the latest information. The timing and frequency of data retrieval depend on the implementation of the bridge software. You can retrieve differential data from Kafka at timing when you analyze the data.