Using Object Bodies

A KiiObject can hold a JSON document and an object body. The object body feature allows you to attach large data such as a file to a KiiObject.

You can perform the following tasks:

Uploading and downloading an object body

You can upload and download an object body on the client.

You can use either of the following methods for the object body transfer:

  • Transfer-at-once

    Transfer-at-once is a simple transfer method that uploads or downloads an entire file in one request.

    All the Kii client platforms support this method.

  • Resumable transfer

    With the resumable transfer, you can resume a transfer at the point of interruption caused by a network outage or a user operation. This method is appropriate when you need to transfer large files or users are in locations with low network quality.

    The Kii Cloud SDKs for Android and iOS support this feature. The Kii Cloud SDK for iOS additionally supports the Background Transfer feature of iOS.

Publishing an object body

You can publish and an object body so that end users can access it with a web browser.

When you call the API to publish an object body, Kii Cloud issues a URL. End users enter the URL in a web browser and view or download the object body according to the content type set to the object body.

Learn more...

  • For more information about manipulating an object body, see "Accessing an Object Body" (Android, iOS, JavaScript, REST) in the programming guide.