Group Management

You can manage groups of users with the Kii Cloud SDK. You can express relationships among users that are registered in your application and let those users share information.

You can easily enable data sharing with the group feature. This feature is helpful when you develop a mobile app that provides spaces where only members of certain groups can read and write, for example, an SNS forum app, a bulletin board app, and a chat app. The group feature can be used for defining relationships among users and saving group data in a bucket in the group scope.

The group feature can be used also to define an administrative user who can access a limited range of data.

By controlling access rights with the group feature, you can express user roles defined in your own service specification.
When the number of users with such a role changes, you can thoroughly change the access rights to the target resource by centrally configure the access rights through a group.

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  • For more information about the use of groups and the purposes of group management, see "Managing Groups" (Android, iOS, JavaScript, REST) in the programming guides.