Push Notification across Platforms

Kii Cloud can send push notifications across various push notification networks such as FCM, APNs, and MQTT.

For example, if a user has an Android device and an iOS device, both the devices can receive push notifications.

The Android device receives push notifications through FCM and the iOS device receives those through APNs. When a push message is sent to a topic that the user has subscribed to in Kii Cloud, a push notification is sent to the user's devices through FCM for the Android device and APNs for the iOS device.

You can also limit the destination push notification network when a push notification is sent. For example, you can send a message only to devices connected to FCM.

Kii Cloud allows you to send push notifications across platforms just by using the subscription mechanisms of the Push to App and Push to User notification features. You can focus on the implementation of your own service because it is unnecessary to implement complex tasks related to sending messages such as that for managing destination platforms.

Development and production environments

With the push notification feature in Kii Cloud, you can use development and production environments even if push notifications are sent to the push notification networks other than APNs.

APNs has development and production environments as part of its specification. Kii Cloud uniquely provides the two environments for the other push notification networks.

You can use the development and production environments for all the platforms. It is possible to run tests such as sending a push notification only to the development environment separately from the environment for the released mobile app.

Learn more...

  • For more information about sending push notifications across platforms and identifying development and production environments, see "Push Notification across Platforms" (Android, iOS, JavaScript, REST) in the programming guide.