Access Keys

When you create an application, Kii Cloud will assign the following four access keys to it:

  • AppID and AppKey

    The AppID is used by Kii Cloud to identify your application. Kii Cloud will determine which application is calling API with this key. The key is to be embedded in your mobile app or JavaScript code.

    The AppKey is not used by Kii Cloud anymore; the AppID solely determines the application. When calling API, you can set an arbitrary value as the AppKey. You can, of course, use the value assigned by Kii Cloud as the AppKey.

  • ClientID and ClientSecret

    These two keys are needed when you are accessing APIs that require the application administrator privileges.

    These keys are equivalent to the administrator password; once a user provides these keys, he will gain the full access to your application, like changing any user's password and modifying any application data.

    The keys, therefore, must be securely handled. Never embed them in your applications (native applications or JavaScript) that are to be distributed to the public. See "Security" (Android, iOS, JavaScript, REST) for more information.