Android Cloud SDK ChangeLog

2.4.23 (1 Dec, 2020)


  • Dropped FlexAnalytics feature.
  • Dropped ABTesting feature.
  • Dropped China site.
  • Dropped Docomo PhotoColle feature.

2.4.22 (25 Jun, 2019)


  • Add descriptions for some deprecated services. The following services will be not supported after July 31st, 2019
    • CN3 location.
    • LinkedIn, Yahoo, Microsoft, Dropbox, Box, RenRen (人人網)
    • Login with UI provided by SDK.

2.4.21 (13 May, 2019)

Bug fix

  • KiiUser#update() method should not send any unchanged predefined fields.


  • Updated dependent okhttp version (2.7.5 -> 3.10.0).

2.4.20 (2 Jul, 2018)

Bug fix

  • There were cases expired refresh token was used after KiiUser.loginWithStoredCredential() invocation.

v2.4.19 (23 Apr, 2018)

Bug fix

  • Fixed issue in social login UI provided by the SDK.

    Fixed NullPointerException when using the login UI provided by the SDK.

v2.4.18 (20 July, 2017)

md5: 15d8298b54bd69d329d94ed32d9245fd


  • Support specifying the version of the JavaScript engine (Node.js) for executing a server code.
  • Mandate a thing password for adding a new thing owner.

v2.4.17 (20 Jun, 2017)

md5: 3d1946ee74667362cf3161041fe52b23


  • Prohibit passing a null callback to KiiObject#publishBody() and KiiObject#publishBodyExpiresAt(). This fix changes the behavior of the SDK. From this version, the API will throws IllegalArgumentException when the callback argument is null. Most likely, the change should not affect your applications since passing a null callback to these methods didn't make sense in the previous versions.

  • Updated dependent okhttp version. (2.7.2 -> 2.7.5)

  • Improved javadoc descriptions.

v2.4.16 (20 Apr, 2017)

md5: 32a4edcf361d513bd3d130841d054922

New feature

  • Specify mutable-content in APNS
  • List owned things


  • Added INTERNET permission in AndroidManifest


  • Next query instance could be incorrect when KiiQuery instance is used in with multiple thread.

v2.4.15 (14 Apr, 2017)

md5: bc5e08628e7df5c7484f178ef5cc3fad


  • Workaround for sign-in error with Google account using SDK UI.

v2.4.14 (23 Jan, 2017)

md5: 8b1588c5a5599a5d5252ed8e1e1801c9

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an annotation of the execption in KiiRTransferCallback#onTransferCompleted.

v2.4.13 (5 Jan, 2017)

md5: e18abeaa271886b486b3da3b0719df5c


  • Supports firebase

New Features

  • Supports Has field query
  • Supports Not query

v2.4.12 (16 Nov, 2016)

md5: 538fa04c60bb59d21095ba3da4df7403


"library@aar" can be removed from dependencies field in build.gradle.

v2.4.11 (18 Aug, 2016)

md5: 6d65e3bce57f7c498743ac75fd511a65


Enabled to login with access token and refresh token.

v2.4.10 (7 Jul, 2016)

md5: 4e2bdadd5bbef498321782f938285250

New Features

  • Supports resetting password with PIN code via SMS.

v2.4.9 (16 Jun, 2016)

md5: 06f005baf71dda2a638e0ed1b943eddf

New Features

  • Enable to use Kii Cloud located in EU.

v2.4.8 (7 Jun, 2016)

md5: 678369bd125332f27b95fa554750f25a

New Features

  • Locale support
  • Thing online state


  • Removed KiiFile

v2.4.7 (12 May, 2016)

md5: 2730fed39eb1129b23b699c6ebe8afa7


Enable to get pending email/ phone that has not been verified yet.

  • KiiUser#getPendingPhone()
  • KiiUser#getPendingEmail()

When the application config requires Phone/ Email verification, new Phone/ Email is stored as pending identifier until the verification has been done. This API enables the application to show the accurate status of the KiiUser to end users.

Behavior change

Timing of changing email/ phone property ot the KiiUser

After the following API has been completed, - KiiUser#changePhone(String), KiiUser#changePhone(KiiUserCallBack, String) - KiiUser#changeEmail(String), KiiUser#changeEmail(KiiUserCallBack, String

Value obtained by getPhone()/ getEmail() won't be changed immediately by SDK. The reason is new Phone/ Email has not been promoted as users' Phone/ Email if the verification has not been done. Please call #refresh() and check the existence of pendingPhone/ Email.

Persistent Properties

Following properties are stored in persistent storage from this version.

  • PendingPhone
  • isPhoneVerified
  • PendingEmail
  • isEmailVerified

v2.4.6 (6 Apr, 2016)

md5: ccf24a763d42b9855d538065a7e853bf


  • KiiUserBuilder improvement.
  • Include Progurd setting in AAR.

v2.4.5 (11 Mar, 2016)

md5: 593244c3b9b1c3fc384e247da75ec383


  • Enabled retry on connection failure for idempotent methods.

v2.4.4 (23 Feb, 2016)

md5: 7b9b3727a21ee6d6fa32496c4d40ad9d

Misc. changes

  • Added READ_OBJECTS_IN_BUCKET acl. (It is reserved for future. Not available now)

v2.4.3 (22 Jan, 2016)

md5: 6800e443b6462d7c2e1424bcf4cb380e


  • Add annotation (@WorkerThread, @NonNull, @Nullable) to APIs.
  • JavaScript is enabled by default for Social Network Integration
  • Updated the OkHttpClient to v2.7.2.

v2.4.2 (8 Jan, 2016)

md5: 6943f104add2f35e0bc521c60fe40353


  • Set the read/write timeout to OkHttpClient.

v2.4.1 (6 Jan, 2016)

md5: 9c8dfbcf496325e3be0ae2d5b89647fe

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Facebook login issue in KiiSocialNetworkConnector. (The issue was fixed in v2.3.1 but v2.4.0 doesn't contains the fix by mistake.)

v2.4.0 (25 Dec, 2015)

md5: 67d75b92a5b618ae3ea03093ac123cdb

New features

  • Enable to specify group ID on creation of the group.

v2.3.1 (9 Dec, 2015)

md5: ce200a06bb3f12c4fa15567dbc8acac6

Bug fixes

  • Fixed Facebook login issue in KiiSocialNetworkConnector.

v2.3.0 (30 Oct, 2015)

md5: 768969e18a2447a0d08036ba04f8fdbe


  • Thing ownership flow improvement.
  • Social integration with OpenID Connect. (Enterprise subscription)
  • Enable to use thing scope encrypted bucket. (Enterprise subscription)

Bug fixes

  • Removed incorrect alias property procedure.

v2.2.3 (21 Oct, 2015)

md5: dc83fac2a703c932a7e4a7e82d847c02

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that cannot login with google plus account.

v2.2.2 (13 Oct, 2015)

md5: 0f80963f337c82b2290b5fb69acca1e1


  • Enable site CN3

v2.2.1 (10 Sep, 2015)

md5: c7dbff241026e3b6388a0fb0cef9c140


  • Social integration, please confirm documentation for social integration
    • Enable to login/link with Social Network Providers Access token for Google and Renren.

v2.2.0 (3 Aug, 2015)

md5: 85855974173c33e3275272ca360ca159

New features

  • Integrate Analytics SDK.

v2.1.36 (3 Jul, 2015)

md5: 09da8b787dc605448888e752862396d8


  • PushToUserMessage supports thing scope.
  • Implemented ReceivedMessage#getPushMessageSender() to get the sender of thing.
  • Implemented new method to PushToAppMessage to get the scope object.
  • Implemented new method to PushToUserMessage to get the scope object.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that PushToAppMessage cannot handle thing scope.
  • Fixed a bug that KiiObject cannot handle URI when object is thing scope.

v2.1.35 (25 Jun, 2015)

md5: 2f778c80d28f151f69b993ed5ffad8ca

New features

  • Listing Topics
  • Checking the existence of Topics
  • Add ability to get thingID from push KiiPushMessage.

v2.1.34 (26 May, 2015)

md5: 3fb7f949a6827f8227975219c14e5b72


  • Replaced DefaultHttpClient(deprecated from Lollipop) with okhttp client.

Misc. changes

  • Android 2.2 is dropped from the supported target.
  • The feature for launching Facebook login UI for Facebook integration is removed. You need to obtain Facebook token beforehand.

v2.1.33 (1 Apr, 2015)

md5: d3ec760334002443fe439ab93d2450fb

New features

  • Thing for Mobile apps.
  • Refresh Token.


  • Expose newusercreated filed for native social integration.
  • Expose KiiTopic#getName().

v2.1.32 (6 Mar, 2015)

md5: e18536c8cc0b64171c0f0f80c6ade991

New features

  • Reset Password via SMS

v2.1.31 (30 Jan, 2015)

md5: a8e3a47429824f818b965c04fe0f33f3

New features

  • Bucket Encryption.
  • Login/Link with Google token.

v2.1.30 (19 Dec, 2014)

md5: 5a7b98099f701019c0a5cc99f4abf110

New features

  • API to check if the user is disabled.
  • API's to obtain linked social account information and check if a specified social network is linked.
  • Integrate QQ ( with Kii Cloud. You can now signup/signin the users to your App with their QQ accounts.


  • Upgraded to Facebook API v2.1 to follow their major update and deprecation of v1.X.

v2.1.29 (31 Oct, 2014)

md5: 766869c191d82fee9d9475a3145e07ee

New features

  • Accept short display name. (longer than or equal to 1 character).
  • Add kii_new_user property that shows if a user is newly created or not in the bundle can be obtained by KiiSocialConnect#getAccessTokenBundle.
  • iOS 8 Push support - Build APNSMessage with a category.

Bug fixes

  • Fix Social Integration issue on android 4.4.4

v2.1.28 (14 Oct, 2014)

md5: 14fdc00004b5a809b7a395d12b011226


  • remove - and . from phone number when sending it to the cloud.

Bug fixes

  • Fix problem of parsing PushToApp message sent by Admin.

v2.1.27 (8 Sep, 2014)

md5: fcf77c1dc7c16f3471b3d695e996d972

New features

  • Pseudo user. This feature enables KiiUser registration without identity (username, email, phone number) and password.
  • Access token expiration setting API for KiiUser authentication.

v2.1.26 (13 Aug, 2014)

md5: f244b16867c65ac213d1ebf65b7865ab


  • Enable to get ID of KiiUser/KiiGroup and instantiate them from ID.

v2.1.25 (25 Jul, 2014)

md5: 71073944deae3493ccb85f808ad6a9c7

New feature

  • JPush integration is now available. (
    You can choose push provider according to user's location, etc.

v2.1.24 (11 Jul, 2014)

md5: 40876f8f4cd7a14e1bc2496bb053a7f4

New feature

  • Login with social network account by SocialNetworkConnector integration.
    • Now supports following providers.
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • LinkedIn
      • Yahoo
      • Google
      • Live
      • Dropbox
      • Box
      • Renren
      • Sina Weibo
  • Add RandomVariationSampler for AB testing.
    AB testing is now easily introduced without user sign-up.

v2.1.23 (23 Jun, 2014)

md5: 7e9524a0a5366a74dd1e1e43b5ce0dd7

New features

  • Preserve SDK status.
    • For details, please see here.

docomo PhotoColle integration updates

  • Automatically refresh token by executing PhotoColle APIs.
  • Support docomo Developer support authentication API.
    • The "docomo cloud API developer portal" is now deprecated by NTT. You must get a new client ID and client secret from docomo Developer support if you do not have ones yet.

Note: To use this feature, needs to update PhotoColleSDK to v1.1.0

v2.1.22 (22 May, 2014)

md5: 155da298e40042daff1da03d61f40454

New features

  • Counting objects in a bucket.
  • Site SG is available.


  • Implement KiiUser#equals(KiiUser) by comparing its IDs.

Bug fixes

  • KiiGroup member can not be removed from group in some cases.


Deprecate APIs

  • KiiFileBucket and KiiFile are deprecated. Use KiiBucket and KiiObject instead. #### Add apis for internal use.
  • Create query instance from raw JSON String
  • Get Values as Object from KiiBaseObject

v2.1.21 (11 Apr, 2014)

md5: 5ba241efb972af13f6c56a41357e3b4f

New features

  • Upload/Download/Publish Object body.
    • Now you can attach arbitrary data to the object. (binary file, etc.)
  • Support iOS7 background push.
    • Now you can send "Push to User" message with content-available=1 payload to iOS application.


  • Allow asynchronous API's to invoke from a background thread.

v2.1.20 (28 Mar, 2014)

md5: 0bbc3dee5978f915ce890d64aea86ffe

New features

Bug fixes

  • AB Test sampling does not reflect defined distribution in some cases


  • Rename VariationSampler#onCrank() to VariationSampler#chooseVariation().
  • Allow an anonymous user to upload/download files by ResumableTransfer interface.

v2.1.19 (29 Jan, 2014)

md5: 181be4e022706dd84545b28e4d8b3f06

New features

  • A/B Testing.
  • Create KiiObject with specified ID.


  • Fix bugs.

v2.1.18-hotfix (17 Jan, 2014)

md5: e89558f620d18797763b085f7fdab64b


  • Fix issue that can not login/signup with a twitter account.

v2.1.18 (12 Dec, 2013)

md5: d12e54f32eb2f5fe7c0689401bc3af33

Bug fixes

  • Fix file saving logic of resumable download.
  • Fix resuming logic of resumable download after restart application.

v2.1.17 (2 Dec, 2013)

md5: 3c281c7c41567ce212274ee2973b8ebc

New features

  • Implement Parcelable for KiiObject.


  • Improve file existence check of resumable upload.


  • Fix bugs.

v2.1.16 (1 Oct, 2013)

md5: d664892a8ac658711c18744a65f7a0d3

New features

  • Link, login with Twitter.

v2.1.15 (23 Aug, 2013)

md5: 2cad83fc301725262f88466565f829f1

New features

  • Server Code Execution.
  • Getting group list by owner.
    • KiiUser#ownerOfGroups(KiiUserCallBack), KiiUser#ownerOfGroups() : List groups owned by the user.
  • Non server access version of KiiGroup#getOwner.
    • KiiGroup#getCachedOwner() : Does not access to server unlike KiiGroup#getOwner().


  • Fix bugs

v2.1.14 (18 Jul, 2013)

md5: 5340208b720c1e8b36d6da9472f6e1d0


  • GCM reserve key validation.
  • Explanation of GCM reserve keys in API doc.
  • Add a recommendation of using integer instead of double when set key-value to object.

v2.1.13 (2 Jul, 2013)

md5: e37fe9a869b4074882f317a1001dcf30

New features

  • Instantiate other user's topic. (KiiUser#topicOfThisUser())

v2.1.12 (19 Jun, 2013)

New features

Geo Query

  • Set/get Geo location of KiiObject.
  • Query objects with a given GeoBox.
  • Query objects with a given GeoDistance.


  • Improve integrity check of resumable upload.

v2.1.11 (7 Jun, 2013)

New features

  • Body attachment/deletion of JSON Object


  • Fix bugs.

v2.1.10 (23 May, 2013)


  • Fix bugs.

v2.1.9 (26 Apr, 2013)

New features


  • API to uninstall push notification

Resumable transfer

  • Resumable download

User management

  • Accept password composed with ascii character (excl. control characters)


  • Bug fix.

v2.1.8 (18 Apr, 2013)

New features


  • API to check the existence of push subscription.
  • API to delete the Topic.
  • Helper class of parsing received push message.
  • Development mode push installation is available.

Resumable transfer

  • Resumable upload.


  • Bug fix.

v2.1.7 (26 Feb, 2013)

New features

  • Send specific message to iOS/ Android including fields reserved by each OS(ex. Alert, Badge, Collapse key, etc.)

  • Operate Topic ACL.

  • Subscribe file bucket. Push notification triggered by events occurred on file bucket.


New features

  • Introduce explicit push message feature
    • Subscribe topic
    • Send message to topic
  • Change user password validation
    • Allow to use some symbols


New Features

  • Introduce #toJSON() in KiiObject, KiiUser.


  • Improve string argument validation.
  • Fix bugs.