Suspending a Download

An ongoing file download can be manually suspended.

The following sample code shows how to suspend an ongoing file download.

  • // Assume that "downloader" handles the ongoing download.
    try {
      // Suspend downloading.
    } catch (NoEntryException e) {
      // The downloader was not found. Most likely the download has already been completed.
    } catch (StateStoreAccessException e) {
      // Failed to access the local storage.
  • // Assume that "downloader" handles the ongoing download.
    // Suspend downloading.
    downloader.suspendAsync(new KiiRTransferCallback() {
      public void onSuspendCompleted(KiiRTransfer operator, Exception exception) {
        if (exception != null) {
          // Handle the error.

Call the suspend() method to suspend a download. An error will be returned if you attempt to suspend a finished download.