Direct Push Notification

The Direct Push notification feature allows you to push messages directly to a specific user.

This topic explains the features supported by the Direct Push notification feature. To learn how to implement it, see the following topics:

An app developer can select any application user and directly push a message to the user.

This push feature does not require any subscription. You can deliver push messages to the specified user as long as your mobile app implements the push initialization and push message reception processes.

When sending a Direct Push message in the developer portal, you can set the following information:

  • Target user (by email, username, user ID or phone number)
  • Target push notification networks and environments
  • Custom key-value pairs to be put in the push payload

Sending a notification to all users

You can send a Direct Push message to only the user you've specified in the developer portal. You can send a push message to multiple (or all) users with the Push to User feature.