Browsing Activity History

You can browse the developer portal usage log as the activity history. By checking the history, you can identify if there is any invalid access recorded in the log.

To check the activity history, click the icon (with your name) on the upper-right corner and select "Security".

This will bring up the activity history as follows:

The following information is recorded in the history:

Column Recorded Information
Time The time when the action was recorded (in UTC)
Type The type of the action ("Login", "Change Password", "Reset Password Request" or "Reset Password Success")
IP Address The IP address of the remote host from which the action was taken.

The type will be one of the followings:

  • Login: The user logged into the developer portal.
  • Change Password: The user changed their password.
  • Reset Password Request: The user requests the password reset.
  • Reset Password Success: The password reset successfully done.

Please note that only last 20 actions appear in the list. If you need more logs, please contact our support member.