Functional Overview of Kii Balance

Kii Balance is a simple housekeeping app that allows you to store income and expense records on Kii Cloud.

As with Hello Kii, Kii Balance creates a user on Kii Cloud and creates a bucket and KiiObjects in the user scope. Income and expense data will be stored as KiiObjects in the bucket.

An entry can have the type of income or expense, description, amount, and date. The balance is automatically calculated from registered entries in the data listing screen.

Kii Balance consists of the title screen and the data listing screen. It handles data in a similar way to Hello Kii does. Both let the user log in and store data in the user's scope.

  • In the title screen, the user can sign up and log in. These actions identify the target user.

  • In the data listing screen, the user can view income and expense entries in a list form, and add, edit and delete entries.

Target platforms

The sample code of Kii Balance is available for Android and iOS (Objective-C) and provides equivalent functionalities on both platforms. As with Hello Kii, registered users and data can be shared across the platforms by referencing the same application on Kii Cloud with AppID.

What's Next?

Let us download and build the source code of Kii Balance.

Go to Downloading and Building Kii Balance.