iOS Push Notification Tutorial

This tutorial covers how to create a new iOS application and integrate the push notification feature.

By completing this tutorial, you will be able to make necessary configurations for using the push notification feature. We also present some implementation tips at the end of the tutorial to give you some hints to expand your application.


Prior to going through this tutorial, you need some basic preparations for starting the iOS application development.

  • Setting up the development tools

    Install Xcode and CocoaPods.

    Use Xcode 8 or later to take this tutorial. This tutorial uses the automatic code signing feature introduced in Xcode 8, though the SDK supports more development environments as described in SDKs and Supported Environments.

  • Registering as an Apple developer

    Register as an Apple developer and have the privilege to create a new application, certificates, and provisioning profiles on the Apple Developer website.

Let us move to the first step: Create an iOS App.