Configure the Build Environment

Next, configure your build environment.

Integrate the JPush Android SDK to your development project as a library so that you can invoke the JPush functions.

First, download the JPush Android SDK by clicking the link "下载最新版本 Android SDK" (as of July 2016).

Next, set up your environment in Android Studio.

Unzip the downloaded ZIP file and find the libs directory. Copy all the files in the directory to your project directory as follows.

  • Copy the JAR file to the app/libs directory of your project.

  • Create the jniLibs directory under the app/src/main directory of your project. Then copy all the folders which contain an SO file to the created directory. The number of the folders containing an SO file varies among different versions of the SDK.

This is all for the setting. Let us move to the next step: Configure the Manifest File.

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