Kii Cloud supports connection via the gateway. This feature enables to connect various devices to Thing Interaction Framework via an IoT gateway product.

Some things only support lightweight protocols such as Bluetooth and Zigbee and cannot directly connect to the Internet. You can connect such things to the gateway as end nodes and have the gateway convert protocols. This enables the things to use the functions of Thing Interaction Framework.

When the gateway is installed, Thing Interaction Framework manages connection relations between the gateway and end nodes as shown below. Requests are delivered to specific end nodes via the gateway connected to those end nodes.

You can scale the number of end nodes and support flexible operation because the gateway feature includes processes of routing to end nodes and replacing broken devices.

If you want to treat the IoT gateway and end nodes as one unit, you can configure the gateway device as a standalone thing and leave the gateway feature of Kii Cloud unused. In this case, Kii Cloud recognizes the gateway and end nodes as one thing. You need to implement processes such as command routing to end nodes in your thing program. Consider this simple configuration for a simple deployment where the number and types of end nodes are limited and changes in the configuration are minimum.

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