Introduction to Kii Cloud

Kii Cloud is an MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) and an IoT (Internet of Things) cloud platform provided by Kii Corporation.

MBaaS is a cloud service that provides various server-side functions as versatile APIs for mobile apps and IoT solutions. By leveraging these APIs, you can provide services making your mobile apps and things Internet-ready without the server-side implementations and operations.

Devices which are part of IoT solutions are called things in the Kii Cloud environment.

Development with Kii Cloud

To provide a service which involves server-side processing by using conventional development techniques, the developer had to implement server-side functions and operate servers by themselves.

Kii Cloud has published server-side functions as versatile APIs on the cloud. With Kii Cloud, you can provide Internet-enabled services by developing only client-side functions. You can concentrate on developing the service itself and make it more attractive.

Service Structure

The figure below illustrates the structure of a typical service using Kii Cloud.

The developer implements mobile apps and things basically by incorporating the SDK (Software Development Kit) library provided by Kii. You can easily call the Kii Cloud APIs by using the SDK.

  • The SDKs for mobile apps are available for Android, iOS, and JavaScript.
  • The SDKs for IoT solutions are available for Android, iOS, JavaScript, and C (real-time OSes and such).

Note that you can directly call the Kii Cloud APIs over HTTPS without the SDK as the API specification is open to the public. You can also use the third-party SDKs.

You start development with Kii Cloud by creating a dedicated application area on the cloud through the developer portal. You can provide various features by having clients access the same application on Kii Cloud. Such features include data sharing among mobile apps and remote operation of things in IoT solutions.