Push Notification

With Kii Cloud, you can easily configure push notification to immediately notify devices of changes on the server. You can use FCM (GCM), APNs, JPush, and/or MQTT (over WebSocket or the TCP socket), depending on the device platform.

Kii Cloud has three types of push notification. Especially, the Push to User notification serves for various purposes.

See the below figure for an example. User B can send a push notification to User A to notify that User B has updated an object on Kii Cloud. User A can receive the message via a push notification network by subscribing to a topic.

Just like buckets, you can create multiple topics in each of the application scope, group scope, and user scope for different purposes.

Other than the above, you can use the Push to App notification which notifies of all the changes in a certain bucket and the Direct Push notification which allows the administrator to directly send push notifications to users.

The push notification feature of Kii Cloud is supposed to be mainly used for notifications between devices. Broadcasting to numerous users for marketing and so on is not recommended because you will not get desirable performance.

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