Class KiiThing

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    android.os.Parcelable, KiiPushMessageSender, KiiSubject

    public class KiiThing
    extends KiiBaseObject
    implements android.os.Parcelable, KiiSubject, KiiPushMessageSender
    Represent Thing on KiiCloud. There are two types of property of KiiThing, reserve and custom.

    Reserve fields
    Reserve keys can not be used as the key of setter methods of KiiThing.
    To set/get the value of these reserve fields, you use the setter/getter methods of these field.
  • _thingID
  • _vendorThingID
  • _password
  • _thingType
  • _vendor
  • _firmwareVersion
  • _productName
  • _lot
  • _created
  • _stringField1
  • _stringField2
  • _stringField3
  • _stringField4
  • _stringField5
  • _numberField1
  • _numberField2
  • _numberField3
  • _numberField4
  • _numberField5
  • _accessToken
  • Custom Fields
    Custom field includes any field choose by you, other than reserve field.
    Custom field can have String, integer, long, double, JSONArray, byte[], Uri type values.
    setter/getter method of these type can be use to set/get the custom field.
    NOTE: KiiThing does not support removal of fields from Server.