Making detailed configuration

To configure your application further, click click the gear icon in the upper-right corner and click the "Setttings" icon.

The application detail configuration menu pops up.

Setting the application basic information

Select "GENERAL" to check and update the application's basic information.

The updatable items are as follows. Please also read Creating applications for the description on some of these items.

  • Application name
  • Application description
  • Specified client SDKs
  • URLs of the application stores

If you update the first three items, the changes will be reflected immediately in the application list and in the application console. The last item "URLs of the application stores" is for you to leave some notes. Kii Cloud does not use these URLs.

Configuring user management features

Select "USER MANAGEMENT" to configure the email/phone verification and password reset processes. You can also configure the privacy setting (i.e., the amount of user information to be exposed to other users).

Configuring push notification features

Select "PUSH NOTIFICATIONS" to configure the push notification features.

Configuring external service integration

Select "SOCIAL NETWORKS" to set up the external service integration.

Configuring security settings

Select "SECURITY" to configure the password reset flow and the expiration period of the access token.

Disabling the application

Select "ADMINISTRATION" to disable the application.

Once the application is disabled, all accesses to the application (i.e., via SDK and REST API and by server code) will be denied.

To enable the application again, go to Checking and Creating Applications and select the "Disable" radio button under the search window to bring the application up on the list. Then click the application to enable it.