FAQ - Data

How do I upload large files like photos and videos?

Use the object body feature.

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Is there any KiiObject size limit?

The maximum size of the JSON document of key-value pairs in a KiiObject is 65534 characters.

Is there any object body size limit?

There is no limit to the size of an object body when you use the resumable transfer. If you use the transfer-at-once feature, the maximum size of an object body is limited to 100 MB.

Can I put the application asset data in Kii Cloud?

Yes, you can. We recommend putting the asset data in buckets in the application scope.

Note that anyone can read data in buckets in the application scope.

Can I quickly check if my data is properly uploaded?

You can check your data with the Data Browser available on the developer portal. When checking, make sure to enter the correct bucket name (case-sensitive).

Can I backup (export) data?

We do not provide any backup/export feature at the application level. Use the RESET API to manually extract data.

We do take system-level backups regularly for disaster recovery.

Querying does not return any existing KiiObjects

Double check the followings:

  • Make sure that you are working with the correct application.
  • Make sure that you are querying the correct bucket (i.e. the name is correct)
  • Make sure that the bucket scope is correct.

Note that the bucket name is case-sensitive.

How to delete all KiiObjects in a bucket

Delete the bucket. All the KiiObjects in the bucket will be deleted too.

Can I create multiple KiiObjects in one request?


Can I bulk-update and bulk-delete data by specifying conditions?

No, we do not support object bulk-update and bulk-delete.

Specifying complex query conditions gives me an error

The maximum number of values you can specify with the "in" query condition is 200. You will get an error if you specify more conditions.

Can I use "LIKE" search?

No, we do not support "LIKE" search.

Can I sort the query results with multiple fields?

No, You can only sort by one field (i.e., you can specify only one field for OrderBy).

I want to modify the ACL of an application scope bucket

You can use the developer portal to modify the ACL. See here for the details.

If you want to allow users to write into an application scope bucket without forcing them to log in, you might want to leverage the "pseudo user" feature. See here for more information.

I want to get a list of buckets

You need to manage the list by yourself. You can, for example, use an application scope bucket to store all buckets.

See here for more details.

Users without login cannot write data

Users without login (i.e. anonymous users) cannot write data in a bucket in the application scope. They can only read the data. Consider using the pseudo user feature.

For more information about the pseudo user feature, see the following topics.

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Which SDK provides the data management with the app administrator privileges?

Only the JavaScript SDK provides this capability (this feature is intended to be used in the server extension feature). Android and iOS SDK do not provide this capability.

You can manage your data as the app administrator with the REST API, by getting the app administrator token and by using this token to manipulate the data.