Server Extension

Server extension feature is available only for users who have signed the service contract. See Feature termination for trial users (2021.01.19) for details.

Kii Cloud supports the server extension feature for running your custom logics on the server. All you need is to write your custom logics in JavaScript (we call it server code) and set it in Kii Cloud. Once the server code is set, you can launch it directly from your client application and auto-run it when the designated conditions are met.

From JavaScript code created as server code, you can call methods of the Kii Cloud SDK for JavaScript and available libraries supported by the server code specification. You can run your own logic without effects of other applications on the same server because server code is executed in the sandbox.

Though server code has some limitations for security including the number of executable steps, it allows you to freely access external servers and data on Kii Cloud via the Kii Cloud SDK. Server code allows flexible implementations when a mobile app cannot cover your requirements.

Executing server code does not decrease the security of Kii Cloud because server code runs in the sandbox.
You do not need to be responsible for the server security because Kii maintains the execution environment.