Feature termination for trial users (2021.01.19)

Thank you for using Kii Cloud.

We decided to stop offering the following feature to trial users as of 2021/01/19. Customers who have already signed the Kii Cloud service contract will be able to continue using the feature.

Feature to be terminated

Server Extension feature

Feature termination date

2021/01/19 00:00 JST (The date and time may change)

How the feature behaves after the termination

As of the above date and time, Server Code installation and update will no longer be available for new applications for trial users. Trial users will be able to keep using Server Code for the existing applications, but the feature will be soon unavailable in near future. Customers who wish to continue using the feature are requested to consider signing up for a service contract.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this feature termination and thank you for your understanding.

Thank you for your continuous support of Kii Cloud.