Managing Server Code

In order to manage server code, install the command line tool on your development PC and run management commands. Server code is protected from unauthorized operations because you need the administrator's right to run the command line tool.

Server code and a server hook configuration file are managed as a pair in Kii Cloud. Such a pair is registered and activated as a version. The pairs registered in the past are maintained as history. You can switch to an old version by one command.

Only one set of server code can be activated at a time. When new server code is deployed, it is set and activated as the default version. At this point, the previous version is deactivated as an old version. When you execute server code manually or automatically, the currently active version is executed.

The history of pairs of server code and server hook configuration files is maintained in Kii Cloud. You can revert to the previous version and continue operation if a problem is found in a new set of server code.

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