Enabling the Kii Push Notification Feature

If your mobile app requires the push notification feature, follow the steps described in this topic. You can skip this topic now if you need to complete other features first.

Kii Cloud SDK for iOS supports Apple Push Notification service (APNs) as a push notification technology. For the specification of APNs to the extent required for integrating with Kii Cloud, see Overview of the Push Technology for iOS.

Taking the push notification tutorial

The push notification tutorial in this documentation site is helpful to understand complex configuration and implementation required for push notification.

In the tutorial, you build a mobile app for testing by completing the following tasks. The outcome of the tutorial can be used as a skeleton of your mobile app.

  1. Work with the Apple Developer website: Get certificates necessary for push notification and register them in the developer portal.

  2. Configure the build environment: Configure items and build options required for push notification in Xcode.

  3. Implement and test your program: Add the initialization process and the handler for push notifications in your mobile app and try to send a push notification.

Take the tutorial at iOS Push Notification Tutorial. You can skip completed steps such as adding the Kii Cloud SDK to the development project.

If you further continue to implement the push notification feature after the tutorial, see Managing Push Notifications. For more information about the device installation in the initialization process, see Implementing the Initialization and Reception Processes.

The tutorial explains how to enable the feature in the development environment. You need to enable it in the production environment in a similar way before you release your mobile app.