Localizing the Email Templates

By setting a user locale, you can switch the email templates used in the verification process.

Please set the locale in the "locale" field as shown in the next sample. The locale should be set in BCP 47 format.

curl -v -X POST \
  -H "Authorization: Basic {BASE64_ENCODED_APPID_AND_APPKEY}" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.kii.RegistrationRequest+json" \
  "https://api-jp.kii.com/api/apps/{APP_ID}/users" \
  -d '{
        "loginName": "user_123456",
        "displayName": "person test000",
        "country": "JP",
        "locale": "ja",
        "password": "123ABC"

You localize the email template with Basic Authentication. Replace {BASE64_ENCODED_APPID_AND_APPKEY} with a Base64-encoded string of concatenated AppID and an arbitrary value with a colon (:) in between the two values.