Managing Developer Profile

You can check the profile you've set when you create your developer account. You can also change the password.

To manage your profile, click the icon (with your name) on the upper-right corner and select "Profile".

This will bring up your profile like the following:

  • To change your password, click the "Change Password" button and follow the instruction.
  • To change your developer name, click the gear icon at the upper-right corner.

Verifying Email Address

You can use most of the features provided by the developer portal without verifying your email address. To leverage the Two Factor Authentication and Transferring Ownership, however, you need to complete the verification before you activate the feature.

To start the email verification, press the "Verify" button next to the email address.

This will send a verification email to the address.

Simply click the link in the email to verify the address. When you go back to the profile screen, you will see that the email address is now verified.