Checking and Updating Data, Users, and Groups

The developer portal provides tools for checking and updating application data, users, and groups.

The following table summarizes the available tools and what you can do with these tools:

Tool Feature Caterogy Available Feature
Data Browser Manipulating buckets Add buckets
Delete buckets
Modify buckets' ACL
Browsing KiiObjects Check a list of KiiObjects
Query KiiObjects
Manipulating KiiObjects Add new KiiObjects
Modify KiiObjects
Check KiiObject data
Delete KiiObjects
Upload object bodies
Download object bodies
Delete object bodies
Publish object bodies
Import KiiObjects from a CSV file
Export KiiObjects to a CSV file
User Console Listing users Check a list of users
Query users
Adding Users Add new users
Modifying user attributes Browse user attributes
Update user attributes
Enable and disable uesrs
Reset user passwords
Resend verification email and SMS messages
Deleting users Delete users
Group Console Listing groups Check a list of groups
Query groups
Adding groups Add new groups
Modifying groups Browse groups
Update group owners
Update group members
Deleting groups Delete groups