Server Code Examples and Implementation Tips

This section provides the samples of server code implementations in the following table.

The syntax of server code is similar to that of standard JavaScript. Be careful about a process where multiple clients simultaneously call server code as described in Controlling Simultaneous Updates.

Example Execution method Synchronous/Asynchronous
Getting a Timestamp from the Server Manual operation Synchronous
Creating a New User by Specifying Parameters Manual operation Asynchronous
Controlling Simultaneous Updates Manual operation Asynchronous
Getting an Object Body via the REST API Manual operation Asynchronous
Setting Data Automatically with a Trigger-based Hook Trigger-based hook Asynchronous
Logging an Execution Caused by a Schedule-based Hook Schedule-based hook Asynchronous

In addition, the following samples are available in User of Server Code:

Be careful about the limitations in developing server code when you adjust the samples above.