Server Extension Programming Guide

Sometimes, you may want to add some custom logics on the server-side to assist your mobile app development. For example, your application may want to leverage the data in the Cloud without downloading them to the client device. With the server extension feature, you can put your custom login written in JavaScript (Server Code) and execute it in Kii Cloud.

This section covers how you can leverage the server extension feature. For the overview of the feature, see Server Extension in the Function Guide.

Basic Steps

The basic steps for leveraging the Server Extension feature are as follows:

  1. Write your Server Code while leveraging the power of Kii JavaScript SDK and other public modules.

    Check Writing your Server Code to learn more.

  2. Manage your Server Code using our command line tool. The command line tool will allow you to deploy your Server Code, select the version to activate and set "Server Hooks" for auto-launching.

    Check Managing your Server Code to learn more.

  3. Execute your Server Code either automatically with Server Hooks or manually from the client side via the Kii Android/iOS/Unity Cloud SDK or REST API. When manually executing your Server Code, you can also send some custom parameters from the client side.

    Check Executing your Server Code to learn more.