Developer Log

By executing the console.log() in your server code, you can record some log in the developer log. You can use this feature, for example, to debug your server code. To learn how to browse the developer log, see this section

The following example is logging an event when an anonymous user executes the server code.

function logTest(params, context) {
  var token = context.getAccessToken();
  console.log("****Access Token:" + token + "****");

The following log will be recorded in the developer log.

2017-10-04T13:56:17.000+09:00 [DEBUG] servercode.log description:****Access Token:5aKH9oKXvfOvg7w3eDyAxYrf5qryHdXyiF4XvG_nL_8**** entry-name:logTest userID:5a00faa00422-b078-7e11-e9e9-0f5293c9

Besides from the log recorded by the console.log(), more logs about the server code execution are recorded in the developer log. See Check the execution result for a log recorded for a manual execution.