Thing-IF SDK v1 Development Guides (Obsoleted)

This SDK is obsoleted. Do not use it for a new project

Kii Cloud offers the features for providing various service in the IoT (Internet of Things) environment. With the Thing-IF SDK (Thing Interaction Framework SDK), you can easily and quickly deploy services that take advantage of the sensor data generated by the things and enable users to operate the things with their mobile phones and tablets.

Please see here to learn the overview and the feature models provided by the Thing-IF SDK.

The Thing-IF SDK is available for both mobile applications and things.

Structure of the guide

This guide is composed as follows:


This guide covers the information necessary for implementing the following simple IoT device monitoring scenario.

  • Upload states from a thing.
  • Check the uploaded states on the developer portal as the system administrator.

As described in Using Thing-IF section Thing-IF supports more features for (Android, iOS, JavaScript) mobile app development, such as sending commands and setting triggers. The guides covering these features will be published soon. Until they are available, please refer the following information.