Thing-IF SDK Development Guides (non-trait version)

This section covers an old version of Thing-IF SDK. See Thing-IF SDK v2 Development Guides for the information on the latest Thing-IF SDK that supports the trait feature.

Kii Cloud offers the features for providing various service in the IoT (Internet of Things) environment. With the Thing-IF SDK (Thing Interaction Framework SDK), you can easily and quickly deploy services that take advantage of the sensor data generated by the things and enable users to operate the things with their mobile phones and tablets.

Please see here to learn the overview and the feature models provided by the Thing-IF SDK.

The Thing-IF SDK is available for both mobile applications and things.

Mobile app implementation

By implementing the Android or iOS native apps or web apps, you can let users control things from those apps.

See Android Application Development Guide, iOS Application Development Guide, and JavaScript Application Development Guide to learn how you can implement mobile applications.

Although most of the features can be implemented solely with the Thing-IF SDK, some features like user registration and login require the Kii Cloud SDK. The Thing-IF SDK development guides cover the minimum set of those features. If you want to implement more complex features, please check the features provided by the Kii Cloud SDK. You can learn about these features by reading the Kii Cloud SDK programming guides (Android, iOS, and JavaScript).

Thing implementation

By implementing a program that runs on a thing, you can control the thing based on commands received. Also, you can make the things upload their sensor data to Kii Cloud.

See Thing Development Guide to learn how you can implement things.

Gateway implementation

If you are going to use a gateway, you need to install the gateway agent and the converter.

See Gateway Development Guide for the implementation details.

See also the section "Mobile Application Implementation" noted above to learn how to implement the associated mobile applicat

Tuning with Kii Cloud SDK for thing

In addition to the functions of Thing Interaction Framework, you can use those of the Kii Cloud SDK in your IoT solution to control things in a finer way. See Tuning with Kii Cloud SDK for Thing for more information.