Upload the Certificate to Kii Cloud

You downloaded a certificate in the previous step. We will upload it to Kii Cloud.

Exporting the certificate

Make sure that the certificate you've created in the previous step is shown in Keychain Access.

Now follow the steps below to export the certificate as a P12 file.

  • Select "My Certificates", and select and export the certificate only. Do not select the private key.

  • Set a password when you export the file. Make a note of it as you will specify it when you configure your Kii Cloud application.

    The size of the exported P12 file should be around 3,200 bytes.

Uploading the certificate

Open the Kii Cloud developer portal (http://developer.kii.com) and configure your application.

On the application console, click the "Edit" icon.

Now select "PUSH NOTIFICATIONS". On the "Development" section in the "APNS Settings", upload the P12 file and enter its password.

Click the "SAVE" button.

Let us move to the next step: Configure the Project in Xcode.

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