Tuning with the Kii Cloud SDK for Thing

You can tune the functionality of Thing Interaction Framework with the Kii Cloud SDK for Thing if Thing Interaction Framework does not satisfy your requirements for the service to be developed.

The Kii Cloud SDK for Thing includes enhancements for things as well as the features described in Mobile Features. The following features are available in addition to the mobile features.

Thing Management

You can manage things on Kii Cloud. You can register things to Kii Cloud and specify users and/or groups which can access those things as an owner.

The below figure shows an example of thing management with smart LED lights. Users and groups can become an owner of things. If a group is an owner, all the group members can access the owned thing.

Thing Scope

You can use the thing scope if you use the Kii Cloud SDK for your IoT solution. This scope is comparable to the scopes described in Scopes and Access Privileges for mobile apps.

Each thing has its own scope. The thing scope is suitable for handling thing-specific data, such as data detected by each thing as objects. You can manage buckets per thing like the other scopes.

The thing owner (users and/or groups) can access data in the thing scope. However, the thing cannot access its owner's data by default. To allow the thing to do so, you need to change the ACL.

Application Example

The current version of Thing Interaction Framework does not support a scenario where the thing should notify the mobile app of an abnormal sensor value detected on the thing.

You can provide this feature through the push notification feature of the Kii Cloud SDK. Create a topic in the thing scope and have the owner subscribe to it. You can notify the owner of an abnormality on the thing by sending a message to the topic.

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See Tuning with Kii Cloud SDK for Thing for implementation with the Kii Cloud SDK.