A piece of data on Kii Cloud is called an object. The mobile app can save and get data in Kii Cloud with objects.

For example, you can provide a service to share photographs between two smartphones as below.

An object can store the following two types of data:

  • JSON Document

    You can store any JSON document in an object. The Kii Cloud SDK accesses JSON fields as key-value pairs.

    In this example, the title of the photograph title and the photographer takenBy are represented as a JSON document.

  • Object Body

    You can attach a large size of binary data such as a file to an object. This binary data is called an object body. An object body is optional.

    In this example, image data are stored as object bodies.

According to the requirements of your service, you can freely determine the format of the JSON document for each object type and whether an object body should be attached to an object or not. The mobile app can immediately upload objects to Kii Cloud because it is unnecessary to define type information (schema) in advance, unlike relational databases.

Kii Cloud automatically indexes the top level items of JSON documents for search. For example, you can execute a process to search for objects whose takenBy is Bob James through a few dozens of thousands of objects at a low load.