Gateway Development Guide

This topic lists necessary tasks for developing an IoT solution with a gateway. Refer to the linked information to learn more about each task.

Deploying the gateway agent

The gateway agent is a program that runs on gateway hardware and has the following functionalities.

  • Send data from things (end nodes) connected to a gateway to Kii Cloud.
  • Relay commands and responses between Kii Cloud and end nodes.
  • Provide REST API to operate a gateway from mobile and console apps.

The built binary files are available to install to gateway hardware for Linux and Windows. See the Readme of Kii Gateway Agent for deploying the binary files.

Developing a gateway manager app

A gateway manager app provides end users with an interface to manage gateways.

The Thing-IF SDK enables you to develop such a mobile app as well. See Android Application Development Guide or iOS Application Development Guide for developing mobile apps for IoT solutions.

The initialization method is different between solutions with and without gateways. See the following topics for initializing a gateway and an end node.

The following sample apps are available:

Developing a converter

A converter converts the protocol and data that are used by end nodes connected to a gateway.

A converter enables end nodes to communicate with a gateway in any protocol and data format.

The following sample app and reference implementation are available:


You can see how a gateway agent, a converter, and a gateway manager app work on a PC by walking through the following tutorial:

Getting Started with Kii Gateway