Quick Start

Please follow the steps below to integrate the Thing-IF SDK.

  1. Creating a Kii Application

    Create a Kii Cloud application on the developer portal. Your web app and program implemented on the thing will be run under this application.

    If you've already created a Kii Cloud application (for creating apps on other platforms, for example), you don't have to create a new one.

  2. Adding Thing-IF SDK

    Install the Thing-IF SDK and Kii Cloud SDK in your development environment. By integrating the SDKs, you can call the APIs to leverage the Thing Interaction Framework features from your mobile app.

  3. Adding Push Notification

    Make your mobile app ready to use push notification via MQTT over WebSocket. The SDK uses the push notification feature to notify the events that occurred in Thing Interaction Framework.

When the push notification is ready, proceed to Initializing and Onboarding to finish the initialization. This will make the mobile application ready to control the thing.