MQTT Protocol

MQTT is a lightweight and bidirectional protocol which is often used in the IoT (Internet of Things) area. Kii Cloud provides the MQTT broker functionality which enables clients to communicate with Kii Cloud via the MQTT protocol.

Kii Cloud provides the following features with the MQTT protocol. If you use neither, skip the topics mentioned here.

  • Push Notification via MQTT

    You can use MQTT as a protocol to provide push notification by leveraging the bidirectionality of MQTT. You can implement push notification to things and web apps.

    You can use FCM/APNs/JPush for mobile apps. See "Managing Push Notifications" (Android, iOS, JavaScript, REST) for more information.

  • API Call via MQTT

    You can call the Kii Cloud APIs only with the MQTT protocol for lightweight implementation of things. You can develop things without implementation for HTTPS communication.

    Call APIs directly instead of using any SDK as no SDK supports this method. Available functions are limited to those of Thing Interaction Framework.

See these topics for more information.