Configuring Applications

After selecting an application from an application list, click the gear icon in the upper-right corner. The application configuration menu will show up.

Checking usage

You can check the application's resource usage by clicking the "Usage" icon.

See Checking resource usage for more details.

Checking and reetting access keys

You can check the application's access keys (AppID, AppKey, ClientID, and ClientSecret) by clicking the "Access Keys" icon. You can also reset the ClientSecret.

See Checking and Resetting Access Keys for more details.

Managing collaborators

You can manage the application's collaborators by clicking the "Collaborators" icon.

See Managing Collaborators for more details.

Customizing email/SMS templates

You can customize the content of emails and SMS messages by clicking the "Templates" icon.

See Customizing Email/SMS Templates for more details.

Making detailed configuration

You can make the following configurations by clicking the "Settings" icon.

  • Setting the application basic information
  • Configuring user management features
  • Configuring push notification features
  • Configuring security settings
  • Disabling the application

See Making detailed configuration for more details.